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  • Sunlight Beams

    Sunlight Beams

     Sunlight Beams by Carmen H Gray  “Capture Me” I told him I want to halt that moment Of gravitional bliss The freeness from the pull The airborne leap in the heat Before my warm feet kiss The frigid turquoise water And in those milliseconds I feel the deliciously sweet Water colors reflecting onto me The…

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  • Leaving

    Leaving by Carmen H Gray My eyes hurt from all of the tears Like sandpaper when they shut out the world And in my mind’s eye I see Pretty poppies along those paths I roamed Eternal sleep in bright colors That belie their playful congenialness Like the blue and sunshine day And lush berries hidden…

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  • Quilaztli

    in tonān in cihuācōātl in quilāztli  (our mother, Cihuacoatl, Quilaztli) “You promise us emerald and jade, but do those precious stones truly endure? Only the divine song, drifting down from Omeyocan, outlasts human life and earthly age. All else is but a dream, dear brother.”-Malinalxochitl to Huitziltzin in Feathered Serpent, Dark Heart of Sky: Myths…

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  • Trees

    photo by Ann Barnes The Dreamery Trees by Carmen H Gray A place to sit A spot to rest To climb To nest Your canopy Inspires me To be like you To transmute The residue Into something essential Your ancient knowledge Speaks to me You watch the things That live and be In non-judgment The wars…

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  • Billows

    Billows by Carmen H Gray Today I looked up and saw Ribbons of white summoning my eyes They reminded me how the time is now My hot breath the engine Forming billows of momentary exhaust In my own expansive sky For the ants beneath my feet Today I caught that second when His eyes met…

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  • Six Ray Sunrise

    Six Ray Sunrise by Carmen H Gray    I don’t believe in accidental incidents That bright ladybug I saw the day after he died Those hundreds of monarchs suspending me Upending me when I needed a sign to hang on The tower card pulled by my oldest Upon her leaving, saying gently to me Mama,…

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  • Petals

    Petals by Carmen H Gray A bud opens Petals painfully unravel As from the comfortable womb An aquatic existence Suddenly breathes air Transmutation is happening The moment a petal decides To surrender And yield from the Once Was To the Now Is

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  • Wings

    Wings by Carmen H Gray I traveled into the black hole I was warned I’d be spaghettified Maybe I have been My heart was stretched My thoughts were ripped apart And all things were upended They said “you won’t make it back” Fare thee well “You will be dead to me” I heard But death…

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  • Me, Too

    Me, Too by Carmen H Gray My great grandmother somehow had to make a living After her husband died and she had children to feed She was quite exquisite Even as she washed wealthy people’s clothes And took on other unsavory tasks Like all women have done Like all powerless people do Do not think…

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  • All That Is

    All That Is by Carmen H Gray When you were a tiny baby And bad things happened to good people My heart ached I closed my eyes and prayed to whomever And your soft face was conjured in my mind It gave me unadulterated peace Separateness is an illusion Even the photons know this Whispering…

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