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by Carmen H Gray

My eyes hurt from all of the tears

Like sandpaper when they shut out the world

And in my mind’s eye I see

Pretty poppies along those paths I roamed

Eternal sleep in bright colors

That belie their playful congenialness

Like the blue and sunshine day

And lush berries hidden within the forest

Everything looks pretty in pictures

But like those death flowers everywhere

There is a heaviness

The echoes of a frailty

The crimson words of anger

I want to go home, but where is my home?

While “Leaving On A Jet Plane” plays

After, “Here Comes The Sun”

And our broken parts are just instances

Not the whole of something

Meet me in the back of the plane

Where I get the seats to myself

In a lucky secluded moment

And I can look at Mount Rainier

Recalling that such a place

Once held summers of happiness

But now it’s raw and cold

Each version of our personal hells

Remembered and recounted

As they needed to be

Death flowers and swollen eyes

Forests and mushrooms

Life and death and everything in between

Leaving all those years and fears

On the porch with tears

Only captured in my heart

And my words as they are









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