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  • Dreamers

    Dreamers By Carmen H Gray “Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly.”-Langston Hughes I cannot stop thinking About Leon, aptly named thus For he was proud as a lion And fierce, too Or Daisy or Rosa, both like flowers With minds blossoming into perfection I cannot […]

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  • beautiful

    “Not knowing when the Dawn will come, I open every Door”-Emily Dickinson beautiful by Carmen H Gray Have I ever told you That your curls are currents of cordial light? Or that your eyes are the stars themselves captured From an abundantly dark sky night? Your smile has sent a comforting diversion To many a […]

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  • Primitive

    Primitive by Carmen H Gray On the hot concrete of the parking lot I saw the remains of once was Its shimmering iridescence Laid bare, unguarded On display to indifferent automatons Much too distracted by manufactured movements An ancient keepsake in a modern world Of discarded plastic

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  • Four Petals of Gratitude

    Four Petals of Gratitude by Carmen H Gray Two pair of delicate edges Symmetrically aligned in globe clusters Every production of nature Holds its tiny geometry Four here and four there You make heads turn With your sky colors where Eyes are lucky to behold you Meanwhile, your gallant green companions Stand back to give […]

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  • Blue Jay

    Blue Jay by Carmen H Gray From the tiny bones we saw tufts Containing a bundle of energy Striped blue and black feathers to come Bold and loud You cried out, “Go on!” As you pushed open your diminutive wings Your mother called for you Fearlessly flying And failing Your natural state of being Is […]

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  • e=

    e= by Carmen H Gray What shall I write today? I asked When e= were the two keys my fumbling fingers Had accidentally pressed into the keyboard I looked at those symbols That took up empty space Energy equals mass Even when that mass is deathly quiet The resistance used or wound up tight Every […]

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  • A Soft Cosh

    “Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light.” ―Pythagoras A Soft Cosh by Carmen H Gray Two ends meet Where one side Is congruent to the other Twin sides feel The heavy pull Bringing the center point To the same place each time Whether it be The delicate silver chain of […]

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  • Motherhood

    Motherhood by Carmen H Gray Spots of blood that were a scare I was full of milk and longing For sustaining little lives belonging In all of those early sunshine days Of playfulness Of exhaustion, too And the middle years Became filled with tears and cuts The broken hearts The diagnoses of the starts of […]

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  • Left

    Left by Carmen H Gray What’s left? In the hemispheres of life Where everything has been divided The kid glove of yesterday And rosemary scented concoctions The sticky spices of today Stewing in tomorrow’s brew What’s left? When the pitty pats and tippy toes Have left their well worn socks In the corners of your […]

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  • Conversation

    Conversation by Carmen H Gray   “I want what she has” Said air to the water Making and breaking bonds So easily I will absorb you And change you But water said, “I will be a heavy burden to you” As it dripped back down again And air sighed its flighty sigh  

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