Me, Too

Me, Too

by Carmen H Gray

My great grandmother somehow had to make a living

After her husband died and she had children to feed

She was quite exquisite

Even as she washed wealthy people’s clothes

And took on other unsavory tasks

Like all women have done

Like all powerless people do

Do not think you are above it

The Me, Too’s

Or that you would have done anything differently

This land was built by Me, Too’s

Your house was cleaned by Me, Too’s

Your children have been nursed by Me, Too’s

Our history is wrought with Me, Too’s

Shut your gaping mouth

At the false display of surprise

Me, Too’s are unearthing a truth

Held sickly sweet inside

Rooted in depths of darkness

Time to birth it

The water breaks

The earth quakes

The fires blaze

As we raise

From the long forgotten past

The Me, Too’s

Me and You





4 responses to “Me, Too”

  1. Thank you Carmen, for this lovely poem about my Grandmother. She was described as lovely, as sweet, beautiful, mean, fierce. But I think she was like my Mother, my Aunt Bea,my Aunt Mattie,me. When Tina has talked about her Mom, she sounded like my Mom. Aunt Bea seemed to me to have a sweeter disposition, but I was not her child. She didn’t have to deal with me.With my childish ways, my teenage angst, etc, I think she was as you described ” quite exquisite” con todo carino Mom

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