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  • One of These Days

    by Carmen H Gray One of these days I’ll get it right I’ll learn to lean into the lightness of the wind And I’ll borrow a song from the sea I’ll set all sadness aside and I’ll mend The hollowed out grief inside of me One of these days I’ll not care one bit I’ll […]

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  • Today

    Arms and legs suspended like drapery Today I imagined my heart split open and a bouquet of flowers Burst forth While I lingered in the tender vines I surrendered to time And all of the entanglements it demands Leaves fall when they are ready To give the ground a soft landing For a well worn […]

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  • hands

    hands by Carmen H Gray the ice was crisp and forming on the leaves of my plants i had tended i knew each leaf, each flower i could almost feel their cells, filling with tiny shards of ice cutting them open and destroying plant tissue which made me grieve their deaths but it wasn’t until […]

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  • Phantom Dog

    Phantom Dog by Carmen H Gray Why does it hurt so much? You having to leave? Perhaps your existence is a metaphor Your eyes mirroring all of the humanness That we experienced in a certain set of years A living/dying time capsule God gave us such creatures to teach us How to hold space How […]

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  • Teach

    Teach by Carmen H Gray I rushed to sort it all out: 14 years of 28 gone by As I piled more things to the side for goodbye There wasn’t enough time to go through it all I glanced at the artwork, left lonely on the wall I sighed and I conjured up all that […]

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    “The intuition of the moral sentiment is an insight of the perfection of the laws of the soul. These laws execute themselves. They are out of time, out of space, and not subject to circumstance.”-Ralph Waldo Emerson I Am-Ness by Carmen H Gray   I Am-ness is letting the whole be made up of all […]

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  • Dark Night

                                                         Art & Poem by Carmen H Gray I wrote the poem below 25 years ago. Found it today rummaging through old things this morning and it inspired a self-portrait. […]

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  • Why Poetry

    Why Poetry My poetry is influenced by nature, math, science and art. I had an opportunity to study Emily Dickinson at Amherst in the summer of 2017 when I won a grant for the National Endowment for the Humanities. She has always been interesting to me, both her writing and her life. I resonated with […]

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  • Life Twice, Again

    Life Twice, Again by Carmen H Gray Life twice, by and by The want, the wonder, the frivolous why The comings and goings of faraway ships Silvery musings forming inside of my lips Lips that once whispered youthful utterings While inside my belly where once there were flutterings A light has broken and shapes appeared […]

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  • Rain

    Rain by Carmen H Gray This morning’s misty rain Reminded me That in these last two new days of the year So much has been gently cleansed The kind of purification that you might not even notice Like walking down that same hallway In that once familiar building That housed so many hopes and fears […]

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