Category: letting go

  • Life Aquatic

    Life Aquatic by Carmen H Gray Look into their eyes See we are each other The wound of alienation Instability of isolation Needs a balm Something to inhibit Something to calm The heat, the pressure Our stories are singular Within our limited sight Until we see each other As combined, voluminous light Everything external initiates…

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  • Billows

    Billows by Carmen H Gray Today I looked up and saw Ribbons of white summoning my eyes They reminded me how the time is now My hot breath the engine Forming billows of momentary exhaust In my own expansive sky For the ants beneath my feet Today I caught that second when His eyes met…

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  • Petals

    Petals by Carmen H Gray A bud opens Petals painfully unravel As from the comfortable womb An aquatic existence Suddenly breathes air Transmutation is happening The moment a petal decides To surrender And yield from the Once Was To the Now Is

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  • Wings

    Wings by Carmen H Gray I traveled into the black hole I was warned I’d be spaghettified Maybe I have been My heart was stretched My thoughts were ripped apart And all things were upended They said “you won’t make it back” Fare thee well “You will be dead to me” I heard But death…

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  • Slant

    “Tell all truth but tell it slant”-Emily Dickinson Slant by Carmen H Gray Life is not defined by a straight path A neat and perfect bow fastened fascinates Because of its obliqueness Sharp angles and diagonal descent Rising action leaning into soft, unexplored regions Create curiosity for finding folded treasure Hidden in the hugs of…

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  • Me, Too

    Me, Too by Carmen H Gray My great grandmother somehow had to make a living After her husband died and she had children to feed She was quite exquisite Even as she washed wealthy people’s clothes And took on other unsavory tasks Like all women have done Like all powerless people do Do not think…

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  • Tenderness

    Tenderness by Carmen H Gray Tender darkness with tendrils That reach deep into the aching Kissing our self-pity, rocking our illnesses So sweet and comfortable in our cocoons Tender silence from broken parts Of mauled noises that struck our ears Leaving us thrashing about But you have to be still to hear the softness again…

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  • The Climb

    The Climb by Carmen H Gray   I went there again That cliff with the rocks jutting out And others were still there Perched on the rocks As I pulled myself up Saying to me, “Keep Going” When I wanted to give up But this time, a hooded woman Smiled at me as she guided…

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  • Pearls to Swine

    Pearls to Swine By Carmen H Gray   Don’t throw pearls to swine He told me What does that mean? She asked Give only to those who deserve you As the wholeness of you Shimmers with milky luster parts Beholden to spectators Begging for the shelter of your light Light does not choose where it…

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  • Ethereal

    Ethereal by Carmen H Gray I know what it is to lift And dissipate into the great Nothingness Where zero is Nothing and Everything The Light that never goes out I have spun in that void With absolute fearlessness All sense of gravity gone As if in one tiny profound moment I escaped the man…

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