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Carmen has been teaching for over 26 years.  Always a writer, she kept much of her work in journals and on scraps of paper that live in boxes and/or her head now. An unexpected journey led her to creating this blog and crafting fiction.

Carmen is also a daily meditator and a certified Master Reiki practitioner. She leads monthly meditation circles in Austin, Texas. You can find more information about that on her podcast here: Raise Your Vibration Podcast

You can find one of her published stories, Mother’s Day, in The Venom Vault under Prose at The Naga online nagareview.wordpress.com/…/20/mothers-day

Her first published short story, Daniel’s Dilemma, is included this edition of Road Kill Volume I: Texas Horror by Texas Writers. 

Stay tuned for her next story, The Smoke’s Gotta Go Somewhere, coming out in the fall 2019 edition of Road Kill Volume IV: Texas Horror by Texas Writers



No material on this blog is to be used without permission.  All rights reserved.

“The nature of this flower is to bloom.”-Alice Walker



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