Carmen Gray began this blog in 2014 when her daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma, from which she fully recovered. Nevertheless, the cancer journey was staggering and writing was a way to cope with the emotional pain. It re-awakened the writer in her. She writes and sketches regularly. You can find her featured posts under the Daydreaming and NightThinking tab.

Carmen also crafts fiction, employing elements of the supernatural and magical realism. Her Mexican-American heritage and work with English Language Learners is reflected in the characters of her stories. Below you can find links to her published work. 

In January of 2020, Carmen added a platform for other writers who have gone through transformations of one kind or another and who write about it. Check out the Featured Writers Page, a place to ponder metamorphosis, a place to share our experiences, a place to witness growth.

If you would like to have your poem, short story or art published on this blog, kindly submit your work via PDF or Microsoft Word (no more than 2 poems, 2 works of art or 1 short story) along with your bio, photo and a link to your blog/website to Carmen at monarcarising@gmail.com

Author Page


You can find one of her published stories, Mother’s Day, in The Venom Vault under Prose at The Naga online nagareview.wordpress.com/…/20/mothers-day

Her first published short story, Daniel’s Dilemma, is included in this edition of Road Kill Volume I: Texas Horror by Texas Writers. 

Her latest published short fiction piece, The Smoke’s Gotta Go Somewhere, is in the fall 2019 edition of Road Kill Volume IV: Texas Horror by Texas Writers. An excerpt of it read by her at Malvern Books in December 2019 can be found here


No material on this blog is to be used without permission.  All rights reserved.

“The nature of this flower is to bloom.”-Alice Walker


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