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  • Suspended

    For it’s our grief that gives us our gratitude, Shows us how to find hope, if we ever lose it. So ensure that this ache wasn’t endured in vain: Do not ignore the pain. Give it purpose. Use it. -Amanda Gorman Suspended by Carmen H Gray Fold yourself gently into it, my love Suspension is…

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  • The Rich Deep Tones of A Cello

    drawing by Carmen H Gray The Rich Deep Tones of A Cello by Carmen H Gray I’ve heard it in my dreams As if he called to me His voice in that same living tone Of her beloved instrument The sound waves echoing from our distant past An expanding ripple of spheres That reach across…

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  • Length of a Day

    *art and poem by Carmen M Gray Length of a Day Dormant slumber Amidst the hushed quietude Stillness holds a transformative potency Like the young century old trees And the watchful view of the Stag Bathed in the faintest moonrise light All of us captive To the sun Telling us to lean into The length…

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  • Hope

    Hope by Carmen H Gray   Isn’t it wondrous, I thought That she made it To the end of her journey She, being smaller The scant resources did not curtail her instinct to continue To do what her very existence Summoned her to achieve As if some greater force was at play Guiding her gently…

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  • Conversation

    Conversation by Carmen H Gray   “I want what she has” Said air to the water Making and breaking bonds So easily I will absorb you And change you But water said, “I will be a heavy burden to you” As it dripped back down again And air sighed its flighty sigh  

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  • Today

    Today by Carmen H Gray Light sensitive, feathered and tethered Look what that lent you: Experience, beauty, rugged ripeness Positive and Negative space And all the in-betweeness Because life is not Black and White, my love It’s a spectrum of colors bleeding out To meet you If you are willing to take its hand And…

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  • Tiny Golden Slippers

    “Yo no quiero que a mi niña la vayan a hacer princesa. Con zapatitos de oro ¿cómo juega en las praderas?”-de Miedo por Gabriela Mistral “I don’t want them to turn my little girl into a princess. In tiny little gold slippers, how could she play in the meadow?”-from Fear by Gabriela Mistral Tiny Golden…

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  • Pieces of Her

    “Arrange whatever pieces come your way”-Virginia Woolf Pieces of Her by Carmen H Gray She wept And each Salt-filled drip Contained pieces of her A uniquely composed Momentary release Of cells on the verge of Elapsed time Recalling an ending Opening the space For the conception Of pieces of her Arranged by her With her…

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  • Smash

      “She’s got some sort of notion in her head concerning the eternal rights of women.” ―Kate Chopin, The Awakening Smash by Carmen H Gray Pretty goes south You need that face And that pouty mouth To win the winsome Fuck that noise I don’t care If you stare I don’t care If you think…

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  • Combined Mass

    Combined Mass by Carmen H Gray   Those tears flowed They were from the eyes Of a little girl I knew I saw glimpses of Incarnations of You Folded into my arms What sorrow’s songs are enacting Heartstring disarms Revealing a reflection Molting, transmuting An old wound demands recollection In one form or another Study…

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