by Carmen H Gray


Isn’t it wondrous, I thought

That she made it

To the end of her journey

She, being smaller

The scant resources did not curtail her instinct to continue

To do what her very existence

Summoned her to achieve

As if some greater force was at play

Guiding her gently to her intention

We can learn grand lessons from such small wins

In the savage Jungle


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Tiny Golden Slippers

“Yo no quiero que a mi niña
la vayan a hacer princesa.
Con zapatitos de oro
¿cómo juega en las praderas?”-de Miedo por Gabriela Mistral

“I don’t want them to turn my little girl into a princess. In tiny little gold slippers, how could she play in the meadow?”-from Fear by Gabriela Mistral

Tiny Golden Slippers

By Carmen H Gray

Let her be so strong

That the shiny strings of longing

No longer draw her in

Let her echo a resistance

That all of the fear mongering

Is laughable in her brilliance

Let her be so wise

That her wings lift her to the skies

To see the earth

With both discerning eyes

Let my mistakes teach her,

Speak quietly to her heart

And gently, carefully reach her

So she may with grace part

From any notion of dreams withheld

And lastly, may she break

The last pair of tiny golden slippers

Worn for others’ sakes


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Pieces of Her

“Arrange whatever pieces come your way”-Virginia Woolf

Pieces of Her

by Carmen H Gray

She wept

And each

Salt-filled drip

Contained pieces of her

A uniquely composed

Momentary release

Of cells on the verge of

Elapsed time

Recalling an ending

Opening the space

For the conception

Of pieces of her

Arranged by her

With her

For her

In that when

That moment dies

It is a pretty death

With liquid attendants

Saying farewell with love




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“She’s got some sort of notion in her head concerning the eternal rights of women.”
―Kate Chopin, The Awakening


by Carmen H Gray

Pretty goes south

You need that face

And that pouty mouth

To win the winsome

Fuck that noise

I don’t care

If you stare

I don’t care

If you think I’m rude

Call me a witch

Call me lewd

Summon up that bitch

That whore

That hussy

That crusty old woman

You wouldn’t cum in

That delicate flower

Contains so much power

And blood and life

The maid, the wife

Has come undone

Like a stray note

From a faraway song

A lie written and rote

Doesn’t right a wrong

Smash it to pieces

With each tiny fragment

The music releases

Sing it proud

That faraway song

From centuries gone

Let it move through you

Beyond expansive space

They cannot erase

All that we are

All that we’ve been

All that we’ve given

Our powerful rhythm