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  • Essen Lane

    Essen Lane by Carmen H Gray There I was driving by a random exit on my journey Essen Lane When you sent me a message of the Essenes Just seconds before Time was that golden light North star presenting itself to me In my visions-La Magdalena, Mother Light Compassion for the traumatized Revive the sleeping…

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  • time

    time by Carmen H Gray time is that drop of rain that rolls slowly down your car window driver’s side making its way to where the glass meets the rubber edge changing course when a heavier droplet consumes it moving it faster to its random destination where all those isolated dribbles become one

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  • seven letters

    seven letters by Carmen H Gray words synonymous with scan: witness, inspect, survey scrutinize, view, portray words synonymous with survive: withstand, outlast, persist endure, remain, exist four letters can hold seven in prison seven letters have at last risen Seven more sevens float in my eyes 1 injured 2 revolve 3 realize 4 forgive 5…

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  • Yes

    “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” -Voltaire Yes by Carmen H Gray Silent acquiescence A compliant nodding Internal convalescence Oblivious to defrauding The wayward world warbles Like a broken record Nonsensical garbles From the shepherd Say yes say yes say yes Lay down gently while You are lead through…

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  • Tangential

    Tangential by Carmen H Gray   While you see That slope Of the line Falling If you stop to touch New points in space A rigid line With limitations Transforms Into an arc Curving into Infinite directions  

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  • One Hundred Percent

      One Hundred Percent By Carmen H Gray In the backpocket of my mind I keep A list of things To reconsider When the casualties of the outside world Make me bitter Air that is 10 degrees cooler After hundreds of days in the hundreds My own sense of humor Making me laugh in the…

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  • Even Though

    Even Though by Carmen H Gray   Even though you push away I swing and sway Like seaweed to your saltwater Yielding to the flow Even though black is white And wrong is right I live outside The worlds around me For there exists A brighter light To guide my sight Even though each fleeting…

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  • Truism

    “It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself. If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul. If you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy.”– from The Invitation by Oriah Truism…

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  • Vision

    Vision by Carmen H Gray I was there Under the brilliant stars Velvet Night Silent Night Expansive Earth Desert air Beckoning me Summoning me I could feel a presence Coiled, then undulating Shedding its skin Ethereally alive Spiraling path inward Inward, I heard It was my own voice Calling to me      

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  • Our Lady of the Laundromat

    Our Lady of the Laundromat by Carmen H Gray Unwashed towels Sweat-soaked linens All the grime hidden In the stains And the dirt On my favorite skirt Belies her purity Our Lady of the Laundromat Where you cannot get your money back Even when the machine is broken Your clothes all soaked in A cathartic…

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