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Essen Lane

Essen Lane

by Carmen H Gray

There I was driving by a random exit on my journey

Essen Lane

When you sent me a message of the Essenes

Just seconds before

Time was that golden light

North star presenting itself to me

In my visions-La Magdalena, Mother Light

Compassion for the traumatized

Revive the sleeping souls!

The whole spectrum of light

Reverberating in my mind

The world shrunk down

To sound frequencies

And light




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seven letters

seven letters

by Carmen H Gray

words synonymous with scan:

witness, inspect, survey

scrutinize, view, portray

words synonymous with survive:

withstand, outlast, persist

endure, remain, exist

four letters can hold seven in prison

seven letters have at last risen

Seven more sevens float in my eyes

1 injured 2 revolve 3 realize 4 forgive

5 healing 6 absolve 7 revised

seven letters…l e t t e r s

so much meaning squeezed inside

the tall, statuesque L

the E, the sound you make standing after you’ve fallen in a heap

two T’s, like parallel crosses you buried deep

another E, this time it hurts because of

the R, rough and capsized love

the S, the s…well the s is soothing as it slips

off of your tongue and out of your soulful lips










“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”


by Carmen H Gray

Silent acquiescence

A compliant nodding

Internal convalescence

Oblivious to defrauding

The wayward world warbles

Like a broken record

Nonsensical garbles

From the shepherd

Say yes say yes say yes

Lay down gently while

You are lead through the process

Blind to what you reconcile











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One Hundred Percent



One Hundred Percent

By Carmen H Gray

In the backpocket of my mind I keep

A list of things

To reconsider

When the casualties of the outside world

Make me bitter

Air that is 10 degrees cooler

After hundreds of days in the hundreds

My own sense of humor

Making me laugh in the presence of no one in particular

One hundred percent of those caterpillar rescues

Culminating in brilliant life

The jet and coral magestic hues

Of a monarch unfolding itself, right before my very eyes

One hundred percent of me living

In the blushes of the hushed sunrise

Open, empty again for a new day

To fill with possibility










Even Though

Even Though

by Carmen H Gray


Even though you push away

I swing and sway

Like seaweed to your saltwater

Yielding to the flow

Even though black is white

And wrong is right

I live outside

The worlds around me

For there exists

A brighter light

To guide my sight

Even though each fleeting choice

Has a livelong voice

That echoes from the past

A melody can transform anew

In complicit defiance

Rebellious silence

For one beat or two










“It doesn’t interest me if the story you are telling me is true. I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself. If you can bear the accusation of betrayal and not betray your own soul. If you can be faithless and therefore trustworthy.”– from The Invitation by Oriah


by Carmen H Gray

What makes you smile?

Not one of those fake, necessary smiles

Rather, one of those no-strings-attached ones

Unadulterated. No filter. Just elated.

Like a leaf. Or a stone.

Something natural, of the earth

Blood and bone

Cells and tissues

Something real that issues


What makes you see?

Not the black and white scenes on display

Rather, the full spectrum of prismatic hues

Technicolor and Kodachrome.

Refracted light and shade

Something that cannot be portrayed

By anyone else but you








Our Lady of the Laundromat


Our Lady of the Laundromat

by Carmen H Gray

Unwashed towels

Sweat-soaked linens

All the grime hidden

In the stains

And the dirt

On my favorite skirt

Belies her purity

Our Lady of the Laundromat

Where you cannot get your money back

Even when the machine is broken

Your clothes all soaked in

A cathartic lather

And then, just like that

She snaps

And the cycle goes on

Cleaning the grit gone

The disappearing smudges

Relinquishing the grudges

Of yesterday’s drudges

And the cycle goes on

Our Lady of the Laundromat

Living, Labor

Clothes that need mending

Loner sock that needs lending

It is neverending

But tomorrow is another day