Blessed Are Those…….

“You are blessed,” I often hear, especially recently. But I think that can be misconstrued because it implies that those who suffer more are not blessed.  And what runs through my mind is that there could easily be a better person than myself that has a much harder life.  And I’m not above anyone else around me to have more anguish spared in my life.

I do not believe that even if I do all of the right things I will be granted immunity from all of life’s misfortunes.  Because if you take a look around you, that’s not how it works.

I think blessed are those who recognize that life is an absurd mystery and still trudge on with a smile on their crumpled face, still have love in their broken heart and a warrior’s determination yet guiding their soul.  Maybe I am blessed because I am resilient, but I am only resilient because of the love and kindness that surrounds me from others in my life.  Which means, everyone could be blessed (in this definition of it), if they were shown love and kindness, too.

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