Wonders Oct 16, 2014 7:43pm

Life goes on.  Nevermind if there’s Ebola here and now it’s a problem we didn’t seem to care too much about before when it wasn’t one of “us” suffering from it and now everyone is suddenly hysterical.  Nevermind if there are dead zones in the oceans, but since we don’t see it for ourselves, it doesn’t seem to effect us.  Nevermind the good or the bad, the rich or the poor, the diseased or the healthy, the joy or the pain.  Life goes on. We evolve or we stay stuck, but life keeps going.Ava is recovering from the weekend and starting to feel pretty good again.  She’s doing remarkably well in Algebra and all of her studies with her homebound teacher.  She had a nice break with Mama Joanna yesterday (thank goodness for extra mamas to love on her) during the day-shopping, playing, just having a good time.   I think we are all connected and we just don’t know it most of the time.  Like one complicated tapestry that is woven together to form a beautiful design that we can’t see while we are in it, though some seem to see beyond just their own space.Yesterday I took my students to observe the gardens, as we are continuing our studies on photosynthesis, seed cycles and so forth.  After my students noticed the monarch caterpillars, I knew I should take them over to the garden area on the other side of the school, near the park.  There is always a lot of monarch butterfly activity there at the right time.  Sure enough, there must have been at least 25 monarch butterflies surrounding us, most of them female.  My students were hushed into silence, watching them intently.  One very expressive child exclaimed, “we are in a garden of wonders”.  I smiled and took in the moment.  Yes, we are in a garden of wonders, regardless of anything ugly or sad or unfair.

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