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  • Pieces of Her

    “Arrange whatever pieces come your way”-Virginia Woolf Pieces of Her by Carmen H Gray She wept And each Salt-filled drip Contained pieces of her A uniquely composed Momentary release Of cells on the verge of Elapsed time Recalling an ending Opening the space For the conception Of pieces of her Arranged by her With her…

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  • Smash

      “She’s got some sort of notion in her head concerning the eternal rights of women.” ―Kate Chopin, The Awakening Smash by Carmen H Gray Pretty goes south You need that face And that pouty mouth To win the winsome Fuck that noise I don’t care If you stare I don’t care If you think…

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  • Labor

    “When God created man and woman, he was thinking, ‘Who shall I give the power to, to give birth to the next human being?’ And God chose woman. And this is the big evidence that women are powerful.”-Malala Yousfazsai Labor by Carmen H Gray Love is a labor Amid the strains and spasms Is found…

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