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Lesson from a Peach Blossom

Lesson From a Peach Blossom

by Carmen H Gray


Soft layers of delicate petals

Ornately displaying themselves

To the godly golden sun

Swaying hither and thither

Beckoning the bees to visit

Bursts of color to contrast

The sapphire sky

Pregnant with possibility

Of impending fruit

I like the receptivity of this season

Far away from the bigness of the world

Shrunk down into a tiny lush universe

Leaves unwrapping themselves quietly

Like the sweetest gesture of an open hand

Reminding me to absorb a honeyed briefness






“I want
To do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.”-Pablo Neruda

The Birth of Spring

by Carmen H Gray

In the preface lies

The untried potency

Quiescent dawn

With your tangerine skies

Imparting such delicate light

The universe is pregnant

With a thousand possibilities

Especially when I see

The essence of life


All around me


A Nascent Twilight

20150324_193154 (1)
A Nascent Twilight
by Carmen H Gray
Lavender hues burst forth
From a verdant screen
Golden light 
Streams through dark spaces
I see violet reflections
Just above the horizon
Dusk slowly opens up to evening
An indigo sky envelops me
I am exquisitely insignificant
The world slows down
And cool colors
In orchestration with 
The clear night air
Caress my face
A nascent twilight
Captures my heart