A Nascent Twilight

20150324_193154 (1)
A Nascent Twilight
by Carmen H Gray
Lavender hues burst forth
From a verdant screen
Golden light 
Streams through dark spaces
I see violet reflections
Just above the horizon
Dusk slowly opens up to evening
An indigo sky envelops me
I am exquisitely insignificant
The world slows down
And cool colors
In orchestration with 
The clear night air
Caress my face
A nascent twilight
Captures my heart

2 responses to “A Nascent Twilight”

  1. Life can be pretty strange. I’ve always been intrigued by Jung’s observations on Synchronicity. As you may know, I am currently in the hospital recovering nicely from a setback. Well, the strange part is that your brother David Hirsch called me tonight to wish me well. I have been tracking a lot of his recent posts. I asked him whether he considered some of his writings as Poetry. We had about a 15 min discussion about poetry and it’s many forms and functions. Less than 2 hrs later you send out a very crafted poem!! Pretty cool coincidence? Or are you guys just messing with me?

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