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  • 70,000

    70,000 by Carmen H Gray (art by children, ages 10 and 11, while staying at a respite center run by the Catholic church in McAllen, Texas) 70,000 is a neat number Rounded up for sixty-nine thousand and something beyond fifty Easily divisible by two Until you keep dividing in half Eventually you reach fractions of…

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  • Fire and Roses

    *Art by Pierce Gray Fire and Roses by Carmen Gray God is a Woman -Why? Because women give birth to life -Goodnight, my child I love you -I love you more Why is it taking so long to get there? -I made a wrong turn It’s okay, even mommies make mistakes -It doesn’t matter if…

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  • beautiful

    “Not knowing when the Dawn will come, I open every Door”-Emily Dickinson beautiful by Carmen H Gray Have I ever told you That your curls are currents of cordial light? Or that your eyes are the stars themselves captured From an abundantly dark sky night? Your smile has sent a comforting diversion To many a…

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  • Teeth

    Teeth by Carmen H Gray I found those baby teeth today Gathered in a shoebox full of trinkets Stronger than bones But once broken, they cannot heal Which is better? Once lost Only a sentimental mother Holds onto them And finds them years later Tokens of time passages      

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  • Boxes

    Boxes by Carmen H Gray I sifted through old things in boxes today A positive pregnancy test A dress she wore when she was 6 Her port from the chemotherapy Letters upon letters: “you will kick cancer’s ass” “This sea glass reflects a light in you” “Can I please have a bunny, mom? I want…

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