Tag: rebirth

  • Keys

    They were lost Or rather Sometimes the Norns hide things In the present To reveal the past Which determines the future That day set us back to a place Where the jagged edges Carved sharply into our hearts There is no linear path To pain It spirals, each curve Touching new points On the same…

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  • What Lies Inside

    What Lies Inside by Carmen H Gray What stirs her Only the burs that stick inside the lace lined white socks Oh the flutterings of the old, burned burrows Drawn in the straw colored grass, they come out Reeling from thorns that are still sharp Yet certain steps retrace forgotten paths Altering the trajectory of…

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  • Life Aquatic

    Life Aquatic by Carmen H Gray Look into their eyes See we are each other The wound of alienation Instability of isolation Needs a balm Something to inhibit Something to calm The heat, the pressure Our stories are singular Within our limited sight Until we see each other As combined, voluminous light Everything external initiates…

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  • Petals

    Petals by Carmen H Gray A bud opens Petals painfully unravel As from the comfortable womb An aquatic existence Suddenly breathes air Transmutation is happening The moment a petal decides To surrender And yield from the Once Was To the Now Is

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  • Wings

    Wings by Carmen H Gray I traveled into the black hole I was warned I’d be spaghettified Maybe I have been My heart was stretched My thoughts were ripped apart And all things were upended They said “you won’t make it back” Fare thee well “You will be dead to me” I heard But death…

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  • Me, Too

    Me, Too by Carmen H Gray My great grandmother somehow had to make a living After her husband died and she had children to feed She was quite exquisite Even as she washed wealthy people’s clothes And took on other unsavory tasks Like all women have done Like all powerless people do Do not think…

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  • Tenderness

    Tenderness by Carmen H Gray Tender darkness with tendrils That reach deep into the aching Kissing our self-pity, rocking our illnesses So sweet and comfortable in our cocoons Tender silence from broken parts Of mauled noises that struck our ears Leaving us thrashing about But you have to be still to hear the softness again…

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  • An Element of Blank

    “Pain—has an Element of Blank— It cannot recollect When it begun—or if there were A time when it was not— It has no Future—but itself— Its Infinite Contain Its Past—enlightened to perceive New Periods—of Pain.”-Emily Dickinson An Element of Blank by Carmen H Gray I am enlightened to perceive An Element of Blank Meaning, I…

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  • Circle

    “We can’t return we can only look behind From where we came And go round and round and round In the circle game”-Joni Mitchell   Circle by Carmen H Gray   Equidistant Perfect movement forward Sliding Downward Then Upward Each point containing Its own perfect perspective Of Existence All around us Vectors teaching us A…

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  • View From Above

    View From Above by Carmen H Gray A branch broke under his weight I looked up and saw only the white tips Of a grand wing span The sun cleansing fetid remnants of forages His eyes met with mine As if to say, Patience, my queen Learn how to reprocess life For I am the…

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