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  • 11.20.14

    by Carmen H Gray  the waves lapped at the shore industrial waste in a place where freshwater meets saltwater the bright sky viewing a town that feels like a story I’ve written like time stopped here, somewhere in the 1970’s of my childhood and it may as well be a repeat of those chaotic times…

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  • Fire and Roses

    *Art by Pierce Gray Fire and Roses by Carmen Gray God is a Woman -Why? Because women give birth to life -Goodnight, my child I love you -I love you more Why is it taking so long to get there? -I made a wrong turn It’s okay, even mommies make mistakes -It doesn’t matter if…

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  • Incarnations of You

    Incarnations of You by Carmen H Gray The other night I sat beside you Laboring away on mundane paperwork We seemed to be in a loop of absurdity Waiting for Godot Were you Vladimir or were you Estragon? In the perpetual spiral of suffering We are constantly climbing out of You made me laugh In…

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  • Teeth

    Teeth by Carmen H Gray I found those baby teeth today Gathered in a shoebox full of trinkets Stronger than bones But once broken, they cannot heal Which is better? Once lost Only a sentimental mother Holds onto them And finds them years later Tokens of time passages      

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  • Motherhood

    Motherhood by Carmen H Gray Spots of blood that were a scare I was full of milk and longing For sustaining little lives belonging In all of those early sunshine days Of playfulness Of exhaustion, too And the middle years Became filled with tears and cuts The broken hearts The diagnoses of the starts of…

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  • Left

    Left by Carmen H Gray What’s left? In the hemispheres of life Where everything has been divided The kid glove of yesterday And rosemary scented concoctions The sticky spices of today Stewing in tomorrow’s brew What’s left? When the pitty pats and tippy toes Have left their well worn socks In the corners of your…

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  • The Art of Mothering

    “When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.”-Sophia Loren The Art of Mothering by Carmen H Gray Mothering is a messy creation From the first sighs of elation To the scars borne from formation During…

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