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  • The Healing House

    “Before you can hear, much less follow, the voice of your soul, you have to win back your body. You have to go on a pilgrimage beneath the skin.” ―Meggan Watterson, Reveal The Healing House by Carmen H Gray one day they may come back to you have your prepared yourself anew? have you gone…

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  • Beautific

    “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” – William Butler Yeats  “I am happy I’ve had this experience.”  “why?”  “Because it made me realize how strong I really am.”  Brave, stubborn, strong, courageous her.  She teaches me so much.

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  • For a Boy I Have Yet To Meet

    Cancer is insidious.  It multiplies and thrives and spreads, but so do your connections when it invites itself (however unwelcomed) into your life.  It has been difficult, this journey, and the lessons persist.  Today I have been schooled by a young person that is my daughter’s age who has shared doctors and teachers with her.  I…

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