For a Boy I Have Yet To Meet

Cancer is insidious.  It multiplies and thrives and spreads, but so do your connections when it invites itself (however unwelcomed) into your life.  It has been difficult, this journey, and the lessons persist.  Today I have been schooled by a young person that is my daughter’s age who has shared doctors and teachers with her.  I haven’t even officially met him, but my daughter has.  All I can say to honor his beautiful life that has graced mine and is fated to be much too short is to live a great story.  Live a great story full of passion, love, kindness, hope, dreams, beauty and care for every living thing around you.  That is the least we can do.  The least and the greatest we can do for those whose lives we see unfairly taken.  Taken: captivated, overcome, selected.  So many meanings in such a small word.

“Rage, rage against the dying of the light”-Dylan Thomas

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