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  • One Hundred Percent

      One Hundred Percent By Carmen H Gray In the backpocket of my mind I keep A list of things To reconsider When the casualties of the outside world Make me bitter Air that is 10 degrees cooler After hundreds of days in the hundreds My own sense of humor Making me laugh in the […]

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  • The Pride Lie Veil

    “Humility is nothing but truth, and pride is nothing but lying.”- St. Vincent de Paul The Pride Lie Veil by Carmen H Gray When no one can admit a wrong Because it would pull the tiniest thread Opening the unravelling of a lie lifelong Every inconsequential detail Becomes significant  In the constructed veil It is […]

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  • No Fear Here

    “There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure truth.” ―Maya Angelou No Fear Here by Carmen H Gray Correlation does not equal causation Therefore, your extension of fear Is your absolute right, not an aberration At least that’s how you can justify Our collective disentegration Because you must protect yourself From […]

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  • The Lightness In You

    The Lightness In You by Carmen H Gray Out of the darknesses Under the scruff and froth Beyond the bounds of heartlessness Bursts a sanctified and transcendental light It was always there Waiting patiently outside of your line of sight For the greatest depths in this life Are not experienced In the luxurious lack of […]

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  • Full Circle

    C Words by Carmen H Gray Cancer, I refused To accept your terms And conditions for her So I conjured In my creative consciousness These words instead No matter the circumstances I would stare At my C words Day and night  And think to myself Words hold weight

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  • Parallel

    Parallel by Carmen H Gray I am outside of time Crying out, “My baby!” Let me suffer it all For her But I can only Observe from the opposite side Running lateral to her And I meet her at the altitude Directly across As close as I can be She dodged a bullet And so […]

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  • The Sweetness In Life

    I think of all the sweetness I have in my life that helps me stumble through it and I hope that I share enough of it because life is rather bitter without it. Sometimes the mother in me can see those who need it and do not even realize it. from: Sweetness By  Stephen Dunn […]

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  • Hope Is the Thing With Feathers

    Ava’s sketch book page from yesterday.  Last night I dreamed that wings sprouted from my back and I was flying.  The wind was crisp and cool on my face.  The skies were dark, but my heart was light.

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  • Love Them Anyway

    There’s a stranger I met long ago that told me something when I was feeling quite vulnerable.  I was walking toward the art museum on a sunny Sunday in January when I slipped and broke my ankle just a block from my car.  I didn’t have my phone with me and I didn’t have a […]

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