by Carmen H Gray

I am outside of time

Crying out, “My baby!”

Let me suffer it all

For her

But I can only

Observe from the opposite side

Running lateral to her

And I meet her at the altitude

Directly across

As close as I can be

She dodged a bullet

And so did he

Two soul remnants

Twins in their survival

I can only

Gaze upon their brightness

From afar

Amazed and befuddled

By Life’s mysteries

3 responses to “Parallel”

  1. wow i loved this so much! i am new on wordpress and just got done with writing my first story! i was wondering if you could give it a quick look and share your unbiased opinion on it with me? it is called let the masks fall off and it has two parts. i would appreciate it so so much


  2. O mi hija mas brillante! Sus poemas son lindas y hondas. My daughter most brillante, Your poems are sweet and deep. Thank you for all these lovely words. My feelings during this terrible time were a mirror of yours.

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