Tag: beauty

  • Monarca

    Monarca by Carmen H Gray Soft, soft I hear Buzzing silence Proboscis unfurls Tiny insect feet Stepping gently On the pads of my fingers She is changed And I am pleased To witness her

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  • Today

    Arms and legs suspended like drapery Today I imagined my heart split open and a bouquet of flowers Burst forth While I lingered in the tender vines I surrendered to time And all of the entanglements it demands Leaves fall when they are ready To give the ground a soft landing For a well worn…

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  • Why Poetry

    Why Poetry My poetry is influenced by nature, math, science and art. I had an opportunity to study Emily Dickinson at Amherst in the summer of 2017 when I won a grant for the National Endowment for the Humanities. She has always been interesting to me, both her writing and her life. I resonated with…

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  • Rose of Mary

    Rose of Mary by Carmen H Gray Dew of the sea Rose of Mary I saw a brand new fairy On a wilder walk today He fluttered around the fragrant bouquet Amidst the palest blue bloom Heavenly scent, verdantly strewn Transformation before my eyes A sign of promise in disguise And off he went without…

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  • Rain

    Rain by Carmen H Gray This morning’s misty rain Reminded me That in these last two new days of the year So much has been gently cleansed The kind of purification that you might not even notice Like walking down that same hallway In that once familiar building That housed so many hopes and fears…

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  • Flow

    Flow by Carmen H Gray   i sometimes feel I drift between two worlds one is where time is not a binding entity where cataclysmic waves are waiting to be traveled fearlessly and the sky is fully present broadened chances that aren’t hampered by clouds heavy with water molecules the other is some projected world…

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  • Parallel Lines

    parallel lines by Carmen H Gray   I saw those lines running across your soft arms arms that had formed inside my womb arms I bathed arms that glistened in the summer sun arms that were cut and poked and prodded, too I gently placed aloe on those lines and whispered prayers to each of…

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  • Sunlight Beams

    Sunlight Beams

     Sunlight Beams by Carmen H Gray  “Capture Me” I told him I want to halt that moment Of gravitional bliss The freeness from the pull The airborne leap in the heat Before my warm feet kiss The frigid turquoise water And in those milliseconds I feel the deliciously sweet Water colors reflecting onto me The…

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  • Maya’s Revival

    I wrote this as a background to my story, Daniel’s Dilemma (published in Road Kill: Texas Horror by Texas Writers). I wrote it in December 2016, before my trip to Cerro Pelon this past spring and before all of the present day attention to the horrors of human smuggling. I submitted it to be published…

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  • Quilaztli

    in tonān in cihuācōātl in quilāztli  (our mother, Cihuacoatl, Quilaztli) “You promise us emerald and jade, but do those precious stones truly endure? Only the divine song, drifting down from Omeyocan, outlasts human life and earthly age. All else is but a dream, dear brother.”-Malinalxochitl to Huitziltzin in Feathered Serpent, Dark Heart of Sky: Myths…

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