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  • Undivided Wholeness

    Undivided Wholeness

      Undivided Wholeness by Carmen H Gray   She stood upon her pedastal A sculpted hand softly pointing to The sinewy branches of a dormant tree Two separate things in a sea of bones Within a field of green grass A nascent bluebonnet blooming underfoot Reminding me of the undivided wholeness Of space and time…

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  • Rose of Mary

    Rose of Mary by Carmen H Gray Dew of the sea Rose of Mary I saw a brand new fairy On a wilder walk today He fluttered around the fragrant bouquet Amidst the palest blue bloom Heavenly scent, verdantly strewn Transformation before my eyes A sign of promise in disguise And off he went without…

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  • Rain

    Rain by Carmen H Gray This morning’s misty rain Reminded me That in these last two new days of the year So much has been gently cleansed The kind of purification that you might not even notice Like walking down that same hallway In that once familiar building That housed so many hopes and fears…

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  • My Son

    Your Journey with Me by Carmen H Gray When you were growing inside me, your Great Grandmother and Great Grandfather both left this world on the same day. I witnessed my mother’s mother’s exit, standing close to her and holding her hand. I looked into her fearful eyes and I said in my mind, “Let go, all…

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  • Las Orugas Monarcas Oct 14, 2014 8:34pm

    I am seeing life through new eyes, just like Ava.  I think we shared an unspoken first moment of “we need to give back” right after the diagnosis.  It’s like my friend, Susanna Sharpe mentioned, you just feel this deep need to do more for others after cancer.The other day before I headed to the…

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