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  • From A Dream

    “A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”-Oscar Wilde From A Dream by Carmen H Gray You and I, we made such vagaries of the mind We called ourselves by unrelated names And wandered into an […]

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  • Truth Teller

    art & poem by Carmen H Gray   Harbinger of Truth Night Scout Spirit of the hidden realms You called out Before dayspring with its auspicious, tender light Caught me, heedless in my faraway flight Who? Who? You asked And I heard the question Though I found no origin Surrounding my perception What were you […]

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  • Dark Night

                                                         Art & Poem by Carmen H Gray I wrote the poem below 25 years ago. Found it today rummaging through old things this morning and it inspired a self-portrait. […]

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  • Length of a Day

    *art and poem by Carmen M Gray Length of a Day Dormant slumber Amidst the hushed quietude Stillness holds a transformative potency Like the young century old trees And the watchful view of the Stag Bathed in the faintest moonrise light All of us captive To the sun Telling us to lean into The length […]

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  • Sundays in Autumn

    art and poetry by Carmen H Gray Sundays in Autumn Sundays in Autumn are alive In and amongst the decay The burnished rust revealing That even an exquisite crown Moves from its gilded beginnings To evidence of archaic vulnerable venerability All this I see with a deep inhale and an exhilarating sigh That great oak, […]

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  • Autumn

    Art and Poetry by Carmen H Gray Autumn The clouds opened up in October Fay beings in my garden All of the old souls summoned from the cold, misty northlands Landing hither and thither On that one flower that overshadows me It grew from seed, you never know what will happen When you send seeds […]

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  • Up

    Up Before I took you there I just knew it was the place We had to travel together A steep and rocky path Crowded with ferns and lichen And a few old trees But you pointed out All of the new growth As we spoke of Trachtenberg math And you told me how He created […]

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  • Why Poetry

    Why Poetry My poetry is influenced by nature, math, science and art. I had an opportunity to study Emily Dickinson at Amherst in the summer of 2017 when I won a grant for the National Endowment for the Humanities. She has always been interesting to me, both her writing and her life. I resonated with […]

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  • Life Twice, Again

    Life Twice, Again by Carmen H Gray Life twice, by and by The want, the wonder, the frivolous why The comings and goings of faraway ships Silvery musings forming inside of my lips Lips that once whispered youthful utterings While inside my belly where once there were flutterings A light has broken and shapes appeared […]

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  • Undivided Wholeness

    Undivided Wholeness

      Undivided Wholeness by Carmen H Gray   She stood upon her pedastal A sculpted hand softly pointing to The sinewy branches of a dormant tree Two separate things in a sea of bones Within a field of green grass A nascent bluebonnet blooming underfoot Reminding me of the undivided wholeness Of space and time […]

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