Impermanent Crossings II

Mariposa  by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Butterflies are white and blue
In this field we wander through.
Suffer me to take your hand.
Death comes in a day or two.
All the things we ever knew
Will be ashes in that hour,
Mark the transient butterfly,
How he hangs upon the flower.
Suffer me to take your hand.
Suffer me to cherish you
Till the dawn is in the sky.
Whether I be false or true,
Death comes in a day or two.

Impermanent Crossings II
by Carmen H Gray

One fleeting moment arises
The hours breathing lightly
With tranquility
Or heavily sighing
With strife
The hours opening exquisitely
With beauty
Or resisting obstinately
To Life
A day begins and ends
The indifferent world revolves
All the passages in between
All the hours that dissolve
Into the minutes of our lives
And the moments yet unseen
Are yours to capture
Or yours to waste
The impermanent crossings
We pass through 
In this time and place

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