Solongs and, Ashes

into the strenuous briefness
by e. e. cummings

into the strenuous briefness
handorgans and April
darkness, friends

i charge laughing.
Into the hair-thin tints
of yellow dawn,
into the women-coloured twilight

i smilingly glide. I
into the big vermilion departure
swim, sayingly;

(Do you think?) the
i do, world
is probably made
of roses & hello:

(of solongs and, ashes)

Solongs and, Ashes

by Carmen H Gray

In between the blush of life

Lie the ties we make

The tangled fibers of love

And imprints that leave our hearts

Permanently rearranged

In between the blush of life

Lie the ties we break

The endless procession of leave-takings

And wistful good-byes that leave our hearts

Empty again

An open space

For more laughter and song

For more solongs and, ashes

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