Today was a beautiful day.  We were able to finally reunite these two young warrior girls together and revisit their parallel journeys with lymphoma this summer/fall/winter.  What a mighty love I could feel among our families.  We are neighbors, after all.  We have seen each other sporadically at the neighborhood pool in past summers.  Our community brought us back together through emails during our struggles.  Today we shared laughter, smiles and some watery eyes in person at long last.

Later, as I lay day dreaming, a bright light revealed a small movement from my peripheral vision.  I took a closer look to see a bright red ladybug crawling delicately on a piece of artwork on the wall.  It was hibernating in the warmth inside from the cold days of winter.  Hibernating, but still strong and vibrant.  What a smile it left upon my face.

2 thoughts on “Ladybugs”

  1. So glad the girls finally got to spend some time together. It probably was very helpful to each of them to see someone in their same predicament. Hooray for love peace and kindness!

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