The Sweetness in Real Time

My daughter and one of her best friends, who happens to be a boyIMG_20140829_171832 (1)

Caring transcends imaginary social boundaries that we create.

Today, after my daughter’s appointment with her oncologist (a check up, which revealed fantastic blood counts and all things wonderful still), we headed to the art store (I’m beginning to think this art store is another ancient holy site-the things that happen to me near here).  On our way, we couldn’t help but notice smoke billowing up into the sky.  Directly above us on the overpass was an SUV, the front end engulfed in flames, several firetrucks, police cars and ambulances were beginning to surround the scene. We watched in awe as a good samaritan had stopped to help out.  He pounded on the back window of the SUV with a crowbar, intent on getting into the car. Within minutes he was taking a baby carrier out of the car and handing it to EMS workers, who were racing in behind him.  Then, we watched as he and another bystander took it upon themselves to assist the fire fighters get the hose directed toward the car as quickly as possible.  I was just amazed at the kindness displayed by everyday people.  People who put the care of someone else ahead of their own needs.

Suddenly, I felt someone’s eyes on me.  I looked over and there in the car sitting directly next to us in traffic was my former neighbor, who I had not seen since running into her at the store in the summer, right after my daughter’s cancer diagnosis.  In the midst of the insanity, we rolled our windows down.  “She’s free and clear!!”  I pointed to my daughter.  My former neighbor just smiled her amazing smile at us, “I love you!!!!”, was all she had time to say before the light changed.  And really, that’s all that needs to be said most of the time to each other.

3 responses to “The Sweetness in Real Time”

  1. What a beautiful and exciting story. So glad to hear positive things. I’m sure Ava was happy to hear the news and it must have been quite impressive to watch that rescue.

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  2. It turns out there was no baby in that baby carrier, thank goodness. But the man also pulled two people out of the SUV, it turns out. The driver died, but the passenger is in critical condition. That good samaritan amazes me.


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