Illustrious Life

Last night at dusk, on a walk by the lake, I looked one direction and the sky was forming pink and blue stripes.  The other way was a brilliant indigo blue. Along the edge of the horizon a subtle shade of apricot formed.  Within the time it took for me to cross the bridge (and I was not in any rush) it all changed to a dark sapphire-colored sky.

"Illustrious every one! 
Illustrious what we name space—sphere of unnumber’d spirits;
Illustrious the mystery of motion, in all beings, even the tiniest insect; 
Illustrious the attribute of speech—the senses—the body; 
Illustrious the passing light! 
Illustrious the pale reflection on the new moon 
in the western sky!  
Illustrious whatever I see, or hear, or touch, to the last."
-from Walt Whitman's Song at Sunset

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