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  • Life Twice, Again

    Life Twice, Again by Carmen H Gray Life twice, by and by The want, the wonder, the frivolous why The comings and goings of faraway ships Silvery musings forming inside of my lips Lips that once whispered youthful utterings While inside my belly where once there were flutterings A light has broken and shapes appeared…

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  • 11.20.14

    by Carmen H Gray  the waves lapped at the shore industrial waste in a place where freshwater meets saltwater the bright sky viewing a town that feels like a story I’ve written like time stopped here, somewhere in the 1970’s of my childhood and it may as well be a repeat of those chaotic times…

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  • All That Is

    All That Is by Carmen H Gray When you were a tiny baby And bad things happened to good people My heart ached I closed my eyes and prayed to whomever And your soft face was conjured in my mind It gave me unadulterated peace Separateness is an illusion Even the photons know this Whispering…

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  • Teeth

    Teeth by Carmen H Gray I found those baby teeth today Gathered in a shoebox full of trinkets Stronger than bones But once broken, they cannot heal Which is better? Once lost Only a sentimental mother Holds onto them And finds them years later Tokens of time passages      

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  • Boxes

    Boxes by Carmen H Gray I sifted through old things in boxes today A positive pregnancy test A dress she wore when she was 6 Her port from the chemotherapy Letters upon letters: “you will kick cancer’s ass” “This sea glass reflects a light in you” “Can I please have a bunny, mom? I want…

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  • Lesson from a Peach Blossom

    Lesson From a Peach Blossom by Carmen H Gray Soft layers of delicate petals Ornately displaying themselves To the godly golden sun Swaying hither and thither Beckoning the bees to visit Bursts of color to contrast The sapphire sky Pregnant with possibility Of impending fruit I like the receptivity of this season Far away from…

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  • Pieces of Her

    “Arrange whatever pieces come your way”-Virginia Woolf Pieces of Her by Carmen H Gray She wept And each Salt-filled drip Contained pieces of her A uniquely composed Momentary release Of cells on the verge of Elapsed time Recalling an ending Opening the space For the conception Of pieces of her Arranged by her With her…

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  • time

    time by Carmen H Gray time is that drop of rain that rolls slowly down your car window driver’s side making its way to where the glass meets the rubber edge changing course when a heavier droplet consumes it moving it faster to its random destination where all those isolated dribbles become one

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  • Dress Rehearsal

    Dress Rehearsal by Carmen H Gray All of those longstanding moments Atoms constantly in motion A tear that fell from my 6 year old eye Drops of blood mixed with the headiness of life Moving with the waves of the ocean In my teenage years The wind carrying messages and sighs That velvet dress I…

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  • Yesterday

    “I feel what they feel. And people who listen to me know that, and it makes them feel like they’re not alone.”-Nina Simone Yesterday by Carmen H Gray It was as if We were there For the first time Only your hair Was a different color Your body had more mass There were more freckles…

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