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  • Blue Jay

    Blue Jay by Carmen H Gray From the tiny bones we saw tufts Containing a bundle of energy Striped blue and black feathers to come Bold and loud You cried out, “Go on!” As you pushed open your diminutive wings Your mother called for you Fearlessly flying And failing Your natural state of being Is…

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  • Pearl

    Pearl by Carmen H Gray The future is yours my darling An open field that runs horizontal To your brightest light that reflects Spread out from the prism of your mind Perhaps you couldn’t see it my love Obscured by its very enormity or your own Running past the well-favored wild heather Pearl white, emblem of…

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  • Mariquita

    “At the center of your being you have the answer-you know who you are and what you want”-Lao Tzu Mariquita by Carmen H Gray Mariquita, was it only by chance That your silently bright presence Compelled me to glance In a momentary way As you traversed the mirror Above the piano display Your crimson shell…

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  • Indomitable

    “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”-Mahatma Ghandi Indomitable by Carmen H Gray Piss and vinegar That’s what little girls like me  Are made of At least that’s what My father always told me How dare you flaunt Your sassiness And buck the rules And challenge the paradigm How…

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  • The In Between

    For My Beautiful Warrior by Carmen H Gray Somewhere along the road Between sickness and health Between nightmares and fantasies A new me was forged The poisons churned inside me And those long, shadowy nights When my hands served as my sight Forever marked me Like the permanent scars That show where I was sliced…

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  • Fear Not

    For Gina, Who Is Stronger Than She Thinks by Carmen H Gray Expose It The “what if” Let it subside From your warrior heart Watch it dissipate Like the giant wave That has finally broken Spreading itself longingly Onto the shore of your soul Reshaping energy From the overwhelming Anticipatory energy Into a peaceful Gentle…

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  • Beautific

    “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” – William Butler Yeats  “I am happy I’ve had this experience.”  “why?”  “Because it made me realize how strong I really am.”  Brave, stubborn, strong, courageous her.  She teaches me so much.

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