by Carmen H Gray

The future is yours my darling

An open field that runs horizontal

To your brightest light that reflects

Spread out from the prism of your mind

Perhaps you couldn’t see it my love

Obscured by its very enormity or your own

Running past the well-favored wild heather

Pearl white, emblem of luck and protection

It matters not the tumbles taken, my darling

Only that you keep pressing onward

With certain pauses along the way

For even in hushed stillness

Lies undeniable evolution














“At the center of your being you have the answer-you know who you are and what you want”-Lao Tzu


by Carmen H Gray

Mariquita, was it only by chance

That your silently bright presence

Compelled me to glance

In a momentary way

As you traversed the mirror

Above the piano display

Your crimson shell of resilience

Facing toward me

The delicate vulnerable brilliance

Of your underside reflecting

How you have taught me

That not everything needs protecting

And that each moment captured

Is the sum of it all

Only fragments fractured

Gleaming in flight

Signifying the meaning

 Of travelling light




“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.”-Mahatma Ghandi


by Carmen H Gray

Piss and vinegar

That’s what little girls like me 

Are made of

At least that’s what

My father always told me

How dare you flaunt

Your sassiness

And buck the rules

And challenge the paradigm

How beautiful

And indomitable

You are

My daughter

He said


The In Between

For My Beautiful Warrior

by Carmen H Gray

Somewhere along the road

Between sickness and health

Between nightmares and fantasies

A new me was forged

The poisons churned inside me

And those long, shadowy nights

When my hands served as my sight

Forever marked me

Like the permanent scars

That show where I was sliced

Somewhere along the way

I rose from this place

My wings unfurled

My strength anew

My heart unbroken

I came through

The In Between



Fear Not

For Gina, Who Is Stronger Than She Thinks

by Carmen H Gray

Expose It

The “what if”

Let it subside

From your warrior heart

Watch it dissipate

Like the giant wave

That has finally broken

Spreading itself longingly

Onto the shore of your soul

Reshaping energy

From the overwhelming

Anticipatory energy

Into a peaceful

Gentle Rocking


The fear

Seduce It

Tame It

Resolute Heart