On The Road

Well I left my happy home
To see what I could find out
I left my folk and friends
With the aim to clear my mind out

Well I hit the rowdy road
And many kinds I met there
And many stories told me on the way to get there

So on and on I go, the seconds tick the time out
So much left to know, and I’m on the road to find out

On The Road To Find Out by Cat Stevens

Step outĀ 

Into the unknown

Into the thousand dreams

That lived inside you

All along

-Carmen H Gray


Outside In

Body of Thoughts

by Carmen H Gray

Last night I floated above

The reverie

Gazing down

Into the cool, dark waters

I found my reflection

Staring back at me

Almond eyes

Deep pools of misty darkness

Full round lips

Pursed in deliberation

Slender fingers gently tapping

The quickening space between the breasts

Faint breaths warming the airĀ 

One firm leg crossed over the knee

Tenuous body

Containing me