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  • Keys

    They were lost Or rather Sometimes the Norns hide things In the present To reveal the past Which determines the future That day set us back to a place Where the jagged edges Carved sharply into our hearts There is no linear path To pain It spirals, each curve Touching new points On the same…

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  • Today

    Arms and legs suspended like drapery Today I imagined my heart split open and a bouquet of flowers Burst forth While I lingered in the tender vines I surrendered to time And all of the entanglements it demands Leaves fall when they are ready To give the ground a soft landing For a well worn…

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  • Autumn

    Art and Poetry by Carmen H Gray Autumn The clouds opened up in October Fay beings in my garden All of the old souls summoned from the cold, misty northlands Landing hither and thither On that one flower that overshadows me It grew from seed, you never know what will happen When you send seeds…

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  • In The Garden of The Heart

    “A fractal is a way of seeing infinity”-Benoit Mandelbrot In The Garden of the Heart by Carmen H Gray I heard the soft sound of those delicate chimes And suddenly I was there Those warm springtimes Walking, walking in my garden fair The rosemary sticky with its scent The artemesia silvery and light No plant…

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  • Through The Glass

    “So as through a glass, and darkly The age long strife I see Where I fought in many guises, Many names, but always me.”-from Through A Glass, Darkly  by Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.   Through The Glass by Carmen H Gray Wisdom doesn’t happen from being wise It is not a matter of age…

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  • Swan Song To My Old Self

    Swan Song To My Old Self by Carmen H Gray Silenced, I Tried to keep up But could not fly Named and defined By the periphery Left me lost and blind You led me to see Glimpses of A new reality In the still water Where I saw My son and daughter And all of…

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  • Irrepressible

    Irrepressible by Carmen H Gray Pushed and pressed Myself compressed But you will find My sweet suppleness Will meet that sullenness With fluidity Another version Of my heart’s subversion Rising, rising Like doughy bread Irrepressibly tread

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  • The Drift of Things

    “Ah, when to the heart of man Was it ever less than a treason To go with the drift of things, To yield with a grace to reason, And bow and accept the end Of a love or a season?” – from Reluctance, by Robert Frost The Drift of Things by Carmen H Gray When…

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  • Deeds and Words

    “Down the beginning of plants And animals and birds, Water and Light, the earth and sky, Is cast before you move, And all your deeds and words, Each truth, each lie, Die in unjudging love.” -from This Side of Truth, by Dylan Thomas Deeds and Words by Carmen H Gray Victorious victim Oh, you win!…

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  • Mariposa Monarca

    Mariposa Monarca by Carmen H Gray Monarch larva go through five instars between molting.  Each time, after molting, the new skin is vulnerable, with little protection, eventually hardening until the caterpillar again becomes too large for its skin and it molts again.  This is the period of greatest growth in its lifetime.  After the fifth…

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