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  • hands

    hands by Carmen H Gray the ice was crisp and forming on the leaves of my plants i had tended i knew each leaf, each flower i could almost feel their cells, filling with tiny shards of ice cutting them open and destroying plant tissue which made me grieve their deaths but it wasn’t until…

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  • The Rich Deep Tones of A Cello

    drawing by Carmen H Gray The Rich Deep Tones of A Cello by Carmen H Gray I’ve heard it in my dreams As if he called to me His voice in that same living tone Of her beloved instrument The sound waves echoing from our distant past An expanding ripple of spheres That reach across…

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  • The Sweetness In Life

    I think of all the sweetness I have in my life that helps me stumble through it and I hope that I share enough of it because life is rather bitter without it. Sometimes the mother in me can see those who need it and do not even realize it. from: Sweetness By  Stephen Dunn…

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