hope, living, nature


29541103_10211931240896488_1072177643454275493_nphoto by Ann BarnesĀ The Dreamery


by Carmen H Gray

A place to sit

A spot to rest

To climb

To nest

Your canopy

Inspires me

To be like you

To transmute

The residue

Into something essential

Your ancient knowledge

Speaks to me

You watch the things

That live and be

In non-judgment

The wars

The violence

The shouts

Amid the startling silence

All the players

Will act their piece

While in the forest

Stand steadfast trees

hope, nature

View From Above


View From Above

by Carmen H Gray

A branch broke under his weight

I looked up and saw only the white tips

Of a grand wing span

The sun cleansing fetid remnants of forages

His eyes met with mine

As if to say,

Patience, my queen

Learn how to reprocess life

For I am the essence of

Resourcefulness and nobility

Not a living thing shall I take

Not a breath shall I steal

Not a neck shall I break

A strange and curious power lies

In turning death back into life


For My Father


by Carmen H Gray

Explorations of resplendent nature

Lizards, locusts, asps and toads

The perfect design of every creature

In the trees and along the roads

All of my how’s and why’s with answers never met

Instead rejoined by you

With more curious speculations that would beget

A continual craving of learning

Through out my life

Your responses returning

To keep me suspended

That I may seek evermore

Beyond what is first comprehended