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The Rich Deep Tones of A Cello


drawing by Carmen H Gray

The Rich Deep Tones of A Cello

by Carmen H Gray

I’ve heard it in my dreams

As if he called to me

His voice in that same living tone

Of her beloved instrument

The sound waves echoing from our distant past

An expanding ripple of spheres

That reach across time

Pausing to recapture

The rich, deep tones of a cello

That hold so many memories

She ordered resin today

The parentheses have had their moment

I feel the exhaling of one hundred breaths





Even Though

Even Though

by Carmen H Gray


Even though you push away

I swing and sway

Like seaweed to your saltwater

Yielding to the flow

Even though black is white

And wrong is right

I live outside

The worlds around me

For there exists

A brighter light

To guide my sight

Even though each fleeting choice

Has a livelong voice

That echoes from the past

A melody can transform anew

In complicit defiance

Rebellious silence

For one beat or two









Keep Paying It Forward


I took my son and his friend to Half Price Books so they could spend some Christmas money during the after Christmas holiday sale (everything was 20% off).  They were having fun searching for albums….vinyl is making such a huge comeback…..good thing we held onto some albums and a very cool vintage turntable for all these years.  What goes around comes back around eventually.

While I was perusing the R&B section, I listened to a guy go on and on to his friend about how much he loved Sade and a couple of other artists.  I found myself next to him at the register when we were checking out.  I overheard him ask the cashier to hold onto his scores until the 31st, when he would get paid.  They weren’t that much (to me), but to him they were and he seemed so happy about finding them. He walked off to go read a book. I asked the cashier to bring over the albums on hold and she told me, “oh, we can’t sell those, they are on hold for someone.”  “But I want to buy them for him.”  “oh, oh….I get it”, she smiled.  My son and his friend said, “do you know that guy?  What are you doing?”.  “She’s paying it forward, guys,” the cashier told them.  We walked over to the unsuspecting man.  “Merry Belated Christmas!”  I told him and handed him his present.  “What?  You got these for me?  Thank you so much!”  He smiled a fabulous smile and hugged me.  On the walk back to the car my son and his friend said, “that was awesome!”  “yes, it was”, I told them, “Life is circular, like a record. What goes around, comes around. Be kind.”….and besides, I love Sade.