Shelf Life

Shelf Life

by Carmen H Gray

Once upon a time

Hiding behind the bedroom door

You sat

Sturdy and proud

A place to put

Little treasures

From her pockets

You watched it all unfold

Left behind

To witness walls coming down

But she and I

Came back to see

All the new things happening

And we found you still there

Guarding the room

Waiting for us

To take you with us

A different place

To sit proud again




10891966_10203296823561451_767061423866546853_nWe visit my husband’s grandparent’s graves every year.  It’s a beautiful resting place and we end up telling each other the same stories about them so often that the kids or one of us says, “you said that last time”.  I think older people do this subconsciously to pass down memories to the next generations….not merely to just annoy the offspring.

I stepped off for a moment to think about how difficult it is to lose a loved one anytime, but especially around the holidays.  That’s when both of Jason’s grandparents passed years ago.  Ava came up to me and asked me what I was thinking, so I told her.  She paused, then said, “I think Jackson was given an amazing Christmas gift.”  I looked at her.  She went on, “because he was released from his pain.”  Took my breath away, that one.