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  • Incarnations of You

    Incarnations of You by Carmen H Gray The other night I sat beside you Laboring away on mundane paperwork We seemed to be in a loop of absurdity Waiting for Godot Were you Vladimir or were you Estragon? In the perpetual spiral of suffering We are constantly climbing out of You made me laugh In…

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  • Ethereal

    Ethereal by Carmen H Gray I know what it is to lift And dissipate into the great Nothingness Where zero is Nothing and Everything The Light that never goes out I have spun in that void With absolute fearlessness All sense of gravity gone As if in one tiny profound moment I escaped the man…

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  • Teeth

    Teeth by Carmen H Gray I found those baby teeth today Gathered in a shoebox full of trinkets Stronger than bones But once broken, they cannot heal Which is better? Once lost Only a sentimental mother Holds onto them And finds them years later Tokens of time passages      

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  • Boxes

    Boxes by Carmen H Gray I sifted through old things in boxes today A positive pregnancy test A dress she wore when she was 6 Her port from the chemotherapy Letters upon letters: “you will kick cancer’s ass” “This sea glass reflects a light in you” “Can I please have a bunny, mom? I want…

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  • A Soft Cosh

    “Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its light.” ―Pythagoras A Soft Cosh by Carmen H Gray Two ends meet Where one side Is congruent to the other Twin sides feel The heavy pull Bringing the center point To the same place each time Whether it be The delicate silver chain of…

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  • Motherhood

    Motherhood by Carmen H Gray Spots of blood that were a scare I was full of milk and longing For sustaining little lives belonging In all of those early sunshine days Of playfulness Of exhaustion, too And the middle years Became filled with tears and cuts The broken hearts The diagnoses of the starts of…

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  • An Element of Blank

    “Pain—has an Element of Blank— It cannot recollect When it begun—or if there were A time when it was not— It has no Future—but itself— Its Infinite Contain Its Past—enlightened to perceive New Periods—of Pain.”-Emily Dickinson An Element of Blank by Carmen H Gray I am enlightened to perceive An Element of Blank Meaning, I…

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  • Today

    Today by Carmen H Gray Light sensitive, feathered and tethered Look what that lent you: Experience, beauty, rugged ripeness Positive and Negative space And all the in-betweeness Because life is not Black and White, my love It’s a spectrum of colors bleeding out To meet you If you are willing to take its hand And…

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  • Tiny Golden Slippers

    “Yo no quiero que a mi niña la vayan a hacer princesa. Con zapatitos de oro ¿cómo juega en las praderas?”-de Miedo por Gabriela Mistral “I don’t want them to turn my little girl into a princess. In tiny little gold slippers, how could she play in the meadow?”-from Fear by Gabriela Mistral Tiny Golden…

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  • Combined Mass

    Combined Mass by Carmen H Gray   Those tears flowed They were from the eyes Of a little girl I knew I saw glimpses of Incarnations of You Folded into my arms What sorrow’s songs are enacting Heartstring disarms Revealing a reflection Molting, transmuting An old wound demands recollection In one form or another Study…

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