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The Light that Pervades All Things

“Whether you worship Christ, Krishna, Kali or Allah, you actually worship the one Light that is also in you, since It pervades all things.”

― Anandamayi Ma

The Light That Pervades All Things

by Carmen H Gray

Within you there is a light

It has a certain miraculous quality that gives it momentum

To traverse the stars

To change the course of any path

Simply by beaming

To act upon anything beyond itself

Creating dynamic evolution

You can find it in the strangest moments

Washing someone’s hair

Learning a language

Pausing to breathe

Noticing the layers in a single rose

Listening to the crickets chirping in the night

Or the frogs singing their chorus

Seeing yourself

Seeing others

In other words, living

Not just merely surviving

Lends itself to shining

The Light That Pervades All Things


Light and Shadows

“And if it is a care you would cast off, that care has been chosen by you rather than imposed upon you.
And if it is a fear you would dispel, the seat of that fear is in your heart and not in the hand of the feared.
Verily all things move within your being in constant half embrace, the desired and the dreaded, the repugnant and the cherished, the pursued and that which you would escape.
These things move within you as lights and shadows in pairs that cling.
And when the shadow fades and is no more, the light that lingers becomes a shadow to another light.
And thus your freedom when it loses its fetters becomes itself the fetter of a greater freedom”.-From Freedom Xiv by Khalil Gibran

Light and Shadows

by Carmen H Gray

When your light has been overshadowed

by struggles obscuring your view

In the darkness it has showed

Vibrancy in its deepest hues

Look closely, for the dance

Of light and dark

Is not happenstance

The lush and the stark

Are intertwined

They each release in you

All that is combined

Strength and fear

Love and hate

Humble and cavalier

Emancipate or incarcerate

Perhaps it is not

Either or

Keeping you caught

In this war

Become like water

That cannot be contained

Meander, wander

Completely unrestrained

Within the light and shadows