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  • Sundays in Autumn

    art and poetry by Carmen H Gray Sundays in Autumn Sundays in Autumn are alive In and amongst the decay The burnished rust revealing That even an exquisite crown Moves from its gilded beginnings To evidence of archaic vulnerable venerability All this I see with a deep inhale and an exhilarating sigh That great oak,…

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  • Thou Art This

    art and poem by Carmen H Gray   Tenderly she rivers the night sky With petals in place of feathers She moves in body and soul All strings and stars expanding Impermeable and eternal Creation cradled to heart Beating softly in the enveloped song of Humanity They are vast as the sky together Wider than…

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  • 11.20.14

    by Carmen H Gray  the waves lapped at the shore industrial waste in a place where freshwater meets saltwater the bright sky viewing a town that feels like a story I’ve written like time stopped here, somewhere in the 1970’s of my childhood and it may as well be a repeat of those chaotic times…

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  • Love In The Time of Everything

    Love In The Time of Everything by Carmen H Gray When I was little I wrote about a heroine In one of my silly chapter books Writing and writing My favorite escape She had auburn hair And striking green eyes I didn’t know She would materialize That one day she would Come to be And…

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  • Petals

    Petals by Carmen H Gray A bud opens Petals painfully unravel As from the comfortable womb An aquatic existence Suddenly breathes air Transmutation is happening The moment a petal decides To surrender And yield from the Once Was To the Now Is

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  • The Climb

    The Climb by Carmen H Gray   I went there again That cliff with the rocks jutting out And others were still there Perched on the rocks As I pulled myself up Saying to me, “Keep Going” When I wanted to give up But this time, a hooded woman Smiled at me as she guided…

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  • Dreamers

    Dreamers By Carmen H Gray “Hold fast to dreams For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly.”-Langston Hughes I cannot stop thinking About Leon, aptly named thus For he was proud as a lion And fierce, too Or Daisy or Rosa, both like flowers With minds blossoming into perfection I cannot…

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  • beautiful

    “Not knowing when the Dawn will come, I open every Door”-Emily Dickinson beautiful by Carmen H Gray Have I ever told you That your curls are currents of cordial light? Or that your eyes are the stars themselves captured From an abundantly dark sky night? Your smile has sent a comforting diversion To many a…

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  • Four Petals of Gratitude

    Four Petals of Gratitude by Carmen H Gray Two pair of delicate edges Symmetrically aligned in globe clusters Every production of nature Holds its tiny geometry Four here and four there You make heads turn With your sky colors where Eyes are lucky to behold you Meanwhile, your gallant green companions Stand back to give…

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  • Tiny Golden Slippers

    “Yo no quiero que a mi niña la vayan a hacer princesa. Con zapatitos de oro ¿cómo juega en las praderas?”-de Miedo por Gabriela Mistral “I don’t want them to turn my little girl into a princess. In tiny little gold slippers, how could she play in the meadow?”-from Fear by Gabriela Mistral Tiny Golden…

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