Tag: healing

  • Tenderness

    Tenderness by Carmen H Gray Tender darkness with tendrils That reach deep into the aching Kissing our self-pity, rocking our illnesses So sweet and comfortable in our cocoons Tender silence from broken parts Of mauled noises that struck our ears Leaving us thrashing about But you have to be still to hear the softness again…

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  • Vision

    Vision by Carmen H Gray I was there Under the brilliant stars Velvet Night Silent Night Expansive Earth Desert air Beckoning me Summoning me I could feel a presence Coiled, then undulating Shedding its skin Ethereally alive Spiraling path inward Inward, I heard It was my own voice Calling to me      

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  • Symbiotic

    Symbiotic by Carmen H Gray   In the bath that night When your hair of coppery wine Fell out without a fight Your cells committing suicide A part of me died, too They all told me, “this is hardest on the mother” But I kept up appearances for you I held in the fears and…

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  • Mending

    Mending by Carmen H Gray Your hand In mine After all of this time Soft and elusive I glimpse around Quivering about me Like a tiny wren Are mementos of when And where We began

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