Tag: Hafiz

  • Leaving

    “Leave the familiar for a while. Let your senses and bodies stretch out Like a welcomed season Onto the meadows and shores and hills.” -by Hafiz (from All The Hemispheres) Leaving by Carmen H Gray Heart, absconded Quiet and mutable Life, responded Jagged and beautiful Leaves fall Trees sigh Birds call Winds fly A vessel…

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  • For Pippa

    “So I will always lean my heart as close to your soul as I can.” ―Hafiz For Pippa by Carmen H Gray The cords of love Are not just memories of Experiences once upon a time They are sublime divine Intact in you Protected from view The cords of love Go hand in glove Sinews…

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  • Two

    “And still, after all this time, The sun never says to the earth, “You owe Me.” Look what happens with A love like that, It lights the Whole Sky.” ―Hafiz Two by Carmen H Gray Sand and water One flies away in the wind One cannot be contained Together they embody Properties that defy Either…

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