Tag: grief

  • Combined Mass

    Combined Mass by Carmen H Gray   Those tears flowed They were from the eyes Of a little girl I knew I saw glimpses of Incarnations of You Folded into my arms What sorrow’s songs are enacting Heartstring disarms Revealing a reflection Molting, transmuting An old wound demands recollection In one form or another Study…

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  • In The Garden of The Heart

    “A fractal is a way of seeing infinity”-Benoit Mandelbrot In The Garden of the Heart by Carmen H Gray I heard the soft sound of those delicate chimes And suddenly I was there Those warm springtimes Walking, walking in my garden fair The rosemary sticky with its scent The artemesia silvery and light No plant…

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  • Letting Go

    “These days, these days These days I seem to think about How all the changes came about my ways And I wonder if I’d see another highway”-Velvet Underground Letting Go by Carmen H Gray Tears Not just those quiet ones That slide down your cheeks Like graceful swans The powerful, unrestrained ones That reach far…

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