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  • The Rich Deep Tones of A Cello

    drawing by Carmen H Gray The Rich Deep Tones of A Cello by Carmen H Gray I’ve heard it in my dreams As if he called to me His voice in that same living tone Of her beloved instrument The sound waves echoing from our distant past An expanding ripple of spheres That reach across…

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  • Dark Night

                                                         Art & Poem by Carmen H Gray I wrote the poem below 25 years ago. Found it today rummaging through old things this morning and it inspired a self-portrait.…

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  • Thou Art This

    art and poem by Carmen H Gray   Tenderly she rivers the night sky With petals in place of feathers She moves in body and soul All strings and stars expanding Impermeable and eternal Creation cradled to heart Beating softly in the enveloped song of Humanity They are vast as the sky together Wider than…

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  • Primitive

    Primitive by Carmen H Gray On the hot concrete of the parking lot I saw the remains of once was Its shimmering iridescence Laid bare, unguarded On display to indifferent automatons Much too distracted by manufactured movements An ancient keepsake in a modern world Of discarded plastic

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  • e=

    e= by Carmen H Gray What shall I write today? I asked When e= were the two keys my fumbling fingers Had accidentally pressed into the keyboard I looked at those symbols That took up empty space Energy equals mass Even when that mass is deathly quiet The resistance used or wound up tight Every…

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