Our Lady of the Laundromat


Our Lady of the Laundromat

by Carmen H Gray

Unwashed towels

Sweat-soaked linens

All the grime hidden

In the stains

And the dirt

On my favorite skirt

Belies her purity

Our Lady of the Laundromat

Where you cannot get your money back

Even when the machine is broken

Your clothes all soaked in

A cathartic lather

And then, just like that

She snaps

And the cycle goes on

Cleaning the grit gone

The disappearing smudges

Relinquishing the grudges

Of yesterday’s drudges

And the cycle goes on

Our Lady of the Laundromat

Living, Labor

Clothes that need mending

Loner sock that needs lending

It is neverending

But tomorrow is another day





It is important to revisit places and books because their meaning changes with the reconstruction of you.  Often you catch a different essence of a character or a place further down the road of life.

Yesterday afternoon I went on a walk that I’ve been on over several hundred times.  I felt a sense of awakening by the autumnal colors surrounding me: copper leaves juxtaposed with verdant green along with the ubiquitous gilded hues.  The last time I’d walked this path was when the air was warm and still. The trees were lush and green and I was trying to breathe in the yet undecayed-ness of it all.  There is grace in the slow departure into winter-the letting go, hibernation, dissolution.  As I teach my students, everything has a cycle-the moon, the water, life.  Be present while living around and within them.