Tag: autumn

  • Sundays in Autumn

    art and poetry by Carmen H Gray Sundays in Autumn Sundays in Autumn are alive In and amongst the decay The burnished rust revealing That even an exquisite crown Moves from its gilded beginnings To evidence of archaic vulnerable venerability All this I see with a deep inhale and an exhilarating sigh That great oak,…

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  • Now No More

    “For the sake of some things  That be now no more I will strew rushes on my chamber-floor, I will plant bergamot at my kitchen door.” -from Rosemary, by Edna St. Vincent Millay Now No More by Carmen H Gray Putting things to rest Set aside, motionless Strike a match, be done at last A trinity twined from…

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  • Rhythm

    It is important to revisit places and books because their meaning changes with the reconstruction of you.  Often you catch a different essence of a character or a place further down the road of life. Yesterday afternoon I went on a walk that I’ve been on over several hundred times.  I felt a sense of…

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