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  • 70,000

    70,000 by Carmen H Gray (art by children, ages 10 and 11, while staying at a respite center run by the Catholic church in McAllen, Texas) 70,000 is a neat number Rounded up for sixty-nine thousand and something beyond fifty Easily divisible by two Until you keep dividing in half Eventually you reach fractions of…

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  • We

    We by Carmen H Gray What is this place? Seized from its tribal roots Built on the backs of African slaves Japanese Railroad workers Irish street and sewer laborers Mexican laundresses and servants Wealthy babes nursing at the breasts of slaves An amalgamation of colors, languages, foods, beliefs Founding Fathers my ass America was not…

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  • Axiom

    I think we’ve lied so much to ourselves from the beginning that the lies have become commonplace and now, like the Emperor’s New Clothes, they stand naked before us all. And yet, there are those who still pretend not to see things that are there before our very eyes. That is the sum of my…

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