new growth.jpg


I began drawing again in October of 2019.

I’ve been attracted to lines, shapes and patterns in nature.

This has helped me in how I present math to my 4th graders. It helps me to reach my creative students with a mathematical take on the world.



sor juana.jpg






Sor Juana is one of my favorite¬†females in history. I have so much respect for her incredible intellect and her self-agency. I studied her years ago when I was earning my Bachelor’s in Spanish.












My son’s early 21st birthday celebration on the eve of his departure to NYC. I felt inspired to draw him blowing out the candles on the pan de muerto with images of his great grandparents watching over him.







Snake Woman (below), also known as the Female Earth Goddess. A great, powerful deity in the Aztec mythology with a complicated story. I dreamt about a woman who called herself Snake Woman. We met in the desert and she gave me sustenance. When I awoke from this dream, I found a writer friend who was in the midst of publishing his collection on Aztec legends. He is the one who told me about her story.


santa elena.jpgmagdalena.jpg











This is the Mary I adore. She is the patron saint of the traumatized. I have had many dreams about her.











My incredible daughter, Ava (below). She battled and survived cancer as a 13 year old girl. She has also survived the trauma of the aftermath of that battle. I have great respect and love for her as a person, not just my precious daughter




Each tree I see now has their own unique shape, the bark is designed differently, the lines are like fingerprints on a person. The way their branches form is utterly individualistic. Until I drew them, I did not know them so clearly.

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