Fire and Roses

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*Art by Pierce Gray

Fire and Roses

by Carmen Gray

God is a Woman


Because women give birth to life

-Goodnight, my child

I love you

-I love you more

Why is it taking so long to get there?

-I made a wrong turn

It’s okay, even mommies make mistakes

-It doesn’t matter if you win the competition

I don’t want to beat him. He’s my friend

-I love you

I love you more

-Is everything okay?

Time goes so fast, I want it to slow down

-Everything will be alright. We’ll get through it

It hurts. Fuck this life

-It does. I’m sorry

Sometimes I don’t want to wake up

-Sometimes I don’t, either

I’m so mad at you. I hate you

-I’m so mad at you, too.

I’m not going to finish school for anyone else

-Don’t do it for me. Do it for yourself

I will

-Is that a tattoo?

I want to be a tattoo artist

-Put one on me

I want to head West

-I bought you a ticket

I’m scared

-Keep going. I believe in you

I love you

-I love you more

I got a job here!

-I knew you would

I’m sorry if I said mean things to you before

-I’m sorry if I didn’t do everything right

Mom? You’re the gardener, tell me which is best?

-So glad you called me! I like the Ladybug fertilizer

Did you know the female plant is the one with the power? Makes sense, right?

-Yeah, it does

I love you

-I love you more







“Not knowing when the Dawn will come,
I open every Door”-Emily Dickinson


by Carmen H Gray

Have I ever told you

That your curls are currents of cordial light?

Or that your eyes are the stars themselves captured

From an abundantly dark sky night?

Your smile has sent a comforting diversion

To many a friend in need

The sweetest bow shaped lips give way

To processions to yet proceed

And still, the greatest allure lies

Beyond these fair favors

Gifted to you by heaven itself

Beautiful you, creations and creators




file-1 (6).jpegPrimitive

by Carmen H Gray

On the hot concrete of the parking lot

I saw the remains of once was

Its shimmering iridescence

Laid bare, unguarded

On display to indifferent automatons

Much too distracted by manufactured movements

An ancient keepsake in a modern world

Of discarded plastic

Pearls to Swine

Pearls to Swine

By Carmen H Gray


Don’t throw pearls to swine

He told me

What does that mean?

She asked

Give only to those who deserve you

As the wholeness of you

Shimmers with milky luster parts

Beholden to spectators

Begging for the shelter of your light

Light does not choose where it shines

She said

Or to whom it may fall

Knaves and doves

Are indistinguishable

In the shadows

And each of us can be swine transformed

To a pearl of light

That we once beheld






Four Petals of Gratitude

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Four Petals of Gratitude

by Carmen H Gray

Two pair of delicate edges

Symmetrically aligned in globe clusters

Every production of nature

Holds its tiny geometry

Four here and four there

You make heads turn

With your sky colors where

Eyes are lucky to behold you

Meanwhile, your gallant green companions

Stand back to give you more applause

As you coyly acknowledge the world


Blue Jay

Blue Jay

by Carmen H Gray

From the tiny bones we saw tufts

Containing a bundle of energy

Striped blue and black feathers to come

Bold and loud

You cried out, “Go on!”

As you pushed open your diminutive wings

Your mother called for you

Fearlessly flying

And failing

Your natural state of being

Is to persevere

Regardless of your circumstances

Incarnations of You

Incarnations of You

by Carmen H Gray

The other night

I sat beside you

Laboring away on mundane paperwork

We seemed to be in a loop of absurdity

Waiting for Godot

Were you Vladimir or were you Estragon?

In the perpetual spiral of suffering

We are constantly climbing out of

You made me laugh

In our exhausted states

The secret you already know

Is to make the Great Escape

Of choosing not to wait

Bursting forth you go

Supernova from the start

Your little soul chose

“I am here and it is now!”

As I behold your unfolding

There is magic in the air

Luminous almond eyes I see into

All of the incarnations of you